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With winter comes the time and necessity to bundle up in order to keep warm, and while weekends could be spent lying around in leisure, we would rather go out and get some much-needed sunshine. Your end-of-the-week winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be a mix of old and boring, which is why we bring to you all that’s required to look your best. With an array of outerwear and uber-cool footwear to boot, we got you sorted for the season. Pick that quirky jacket, that graphic sweatshirt or that pair of sneakers which is too good to resist. 


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Speak Your Mind With Slogans

What you wear has a lot to do with your mood, thoughts, and feelings, and with the relevant clothes, you can channel it all at the bat of an eyelid. And with the right slogan-inscribed outfits (read tees and sweatshirts), the job only gets easier. Pick a single word that proclaims your belief or a series of them strung together to form a statement that makes heads turn- after all, it’s time for a revolution, both in thought and in dressing. So read on all there is to know before you move ahead to take your pick of the trend. 


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In Denim We Trust!

Layering is one of the joys of winter and denim is your best bet for a stylish take. Tuck your skinny jeans into boots. A straight-cut or tapered leg is perfect to show off your sneaker collection. Pick denim jacket with floral embroidery to wear with a woolen dress. A grunge print at the back will let you channel a rock-and-roll vibe. Give a dekko to the newer cuts in the varsity and jersey silhouettes. It’s perfect to wear with pants and t-shirt, or your favourite dress during the day. Show off your styling skills with denim this winter!


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Say ‘Hello’ To Dewy, Winter Skin In 10 Steps

Winter is when all the colours of our wardrobe come out—bright reds, deep yellows, iridescent greens and vibrant blues. It’s also time for playing with all the colours of your lipstick and eyeshadow palette. But, if your skin is dull, dry and tight, it can suck away the joy from the cold months. Here’s our 10-step guide to hydrating your skin from the inside out, and protecting its most vulnerable layers from the outside during these chilly days. These are super simple tips which will have you go from, ‘Brrrr, winter’ to ‘Hello, dewy beauty’ in no time!


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Fitness and fashion come together to make you look fabulous

Saying goodbye to Diwali was hard, but with Christmas on the way, it’s time to be merry again. With Christmas come a whole lotta delicious treats, but with our bodies just recovering from the Diwali food hangover, some serious damage control needs to be done before we can indulge again. But worry not, for we have the best tips to help you get back in shape for the December festivities. We also have some stylish outfit ideas for the winters that are sure to crank up your style and leave you looking like the fashionista that you are. This season, follow our winter guide to be fit and fab.

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The Magic of Mickey turns 90: Enduring Enchantment!


1925. Disney Studios. California.

Animator, Hugh Harmon on a whim, sketched some cartoon mice around the photograph of businessman Walt Disney. Young artist UbbeEert (or UbIwerks) intrigued by the sketches, tweaked them to create a cartoon mouse with white gloves, yellow gloves and a goofy grin. Disney christened him Mortimer Mouse but his wife Lillian convinced him to change it.

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Max Fashion’s Guide to a Post Festive Season Wardrobe

The festive season may be over (for now), but there is no reason for you to hold back when it comes to dressing up post celebrations. Throw in a dose of all things bright and beautiful in your day-to-day attires and step out with your style game sorted. From mixing and matching it right and re-wearing your festive wardrobe to shopping smartly whilst looking for something that pairs right with the usual celebratory bling, we got your back. So read on, and be ready with the fabulous style lessons you might need.


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The Gift of Self-Love for the Festive Season

The 'Festival of Lights' is almost here and so is the time to do the thing that's most important come festive season- taking care of yourself! Be it taking some time off to simply relax or indulging in things that please you the most, don't forget to gift yourself some much-needed self-love and care. Take that time off, watch that show you have been postponing for quite some time now, read that book and give yourself the 'me time' that you most certainly deserve.


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All Essential Beauty Secrets For The Festive Season

Clothes play an all-important role in getting you ready for the Diwali festivities, but that doesn’t mean that you forget to take into account the other important factors- skincare and makeup. Before you head out to celebrate the festivities in style, it’s not only important to get your makeup on point, but also prep your skin correctly with the right requisites. From a hint of mascara and festive-worthy eye-shadow to effective lip colours and moisturisers, we bring to you the list of celebratory essentials for an enthralling Diwali. Read on to discover it all.


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Delve into all things glitter and gold with Max Fashion

With the festive season also comes the mandatory desire to indulge in the goodness of all things that glitter- think dazzling embellishments, gleaming embroideries and all things with a hint of gold. If you thought you could vouch for gold only on the accessories front, think again!

Incorporate a subtle gleam in your ensemble if you do not wish to go over the top, or go big with a gold-only attire. Either way, you are bound to make heads turn at every festive celebration and gathering.

Still in doubt about how to proceed? We got you covered! Read on.


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