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Get Ready for Bed in Stylish, and Comfy Nightwear from Max Fashion

We can all agree that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. And the first step towards achieving this goal is to slip into a comfy nightwear that looks and feels amazing. Yet often, the thought of shopping for nightwear rarely comes to mind. Not anymore! Max Fashion has got you covered for all your nightwear shopping woes. In this blog, we bring your attention to the different types of nightwear for ladies, men and kids that will ensure you sleep tight. So, make some room in your wardrobe for exciting nightwear!

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Go ‘green’ in a burst of colour and elegant silhouettes

Whether it’s a soft, flowing kurta which makes you feel light and dreamy, a pair of matching culottes and top or even the classic checkered shirt and denims, you will get your style and fit at Max Fashion’s new range of sustainable clothing made from ‘green’ fibres sourced from one of the most reputed eco-friendly companies in the world – LENZING™ ECOVERO™ .

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Give back to the planet – in your signature style

Fashion with feeling. That’s what Max Fashion brings you this season. Dip into the brand new EcoVero range of sustainable ensembles. Pick from the eclectic choices to look good, feel comfortable and do your bit for the environment. The well styled range of clothing made from biodegradable, wood based fibre from  LENZING™ ECOVERO™  has something for all body types and style inclinations. Redefine what suits you, and set out to not just look good but do good as well. The best part? It’s easy and so much fun. And you get a brand new wardrobe in the process!


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Is your travel backpack sustainable?

Packing sustainably is easy and necessary. Just by opting for better choices of what you will need during your travel, can make you closer to the planet. Here are a few travel essentials that can be your bits of helping out the environment.




1. Reusable water bottle

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Shopping can get Greener and better!

There are so many ways to opt for sustainable choices in your daily living. Shopping as an activity can be made sustainable too! Check out 5 new ways to make yourself feel better about shopping by stepping towards a better planet. 



1.   Check the material, and if they’re Earth-friendly, recyclable or made out of plant-based fibres from LENZING™ ECOVERO™.

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Denims that are made to suit 'Style Me'!



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Pop those denim myths!

So are you too generously built to be sporting denim? Or do you find your jeans working well for casual outings but that’s where it stops? Is wearing denims to work a strict no-no for you because they give a non-professional vibe? It’s time you got denim smart, and gave this material its due. For Max Fashion brings to you an all-new range that’s sure to make you look beyond acceptable denim limits, while also promising you a generous supply of compliments!


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Pair your denim right to make that chic statement



Here are 10 ways our expert (also a denim fan) advises you wear your denims. But first, a cardinal rule: Choose a style and fit – or many, if you’re lucky – that suit you. (This is where The Big Blues Festival collection from Max Fashion scores with its incredible 100+ styles and fits!)


1. Denims with waistcoat & tie

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Discover the best denim fit for you!

When your denims fit right, life is sorted. But the challenge lies in selecting the right pair. Take this very special quiz for some insights into what you should consider before investing in your denim wardrobe. Once you answer all the questions, you’ll get a fair idea of what to look out for. Besides, we also have some useful tips to help you choose your denim according to your body type. We at MAX offer 100+ styles in denim – there’s sure to be one that’s made for you! Read on to know more.


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For the one who gets the job done...wherever, whenever!

You like to be yourself, own your style - wherever you are, right? So why should work restrict you? Max Fashion's The Workwear Collection has just the right ensembles for your work day - trendy but not OTT. Pick Western wear outfits from the 'Timeless' section or Indian ensembles from the 'Indian Workwear' section - go with your mood for the day! There's a bouquet of ideas in the collection that will get you looking forward to Monday, and keep you in top form till Friday! Read on to know more on the right accessories and make-up to complete your look.

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