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Card Parties in Signature Style!

Everyone turns out in their fineries for the swirl of card parties so what do you do to stand out? This season we suggest you pick a style signature to wear as your ‘trademark’ for the parties you go to. This could be a type of ensemble – fusion lehengas and crop tops, maybe – or a special piece of statement jewellery or even an elaborate ‘slogan’

bindi – a la Usha Uthup and her ‘kolkata’ bindi. Complement the whole with a dash of your super red, glossy lipstick and a festive smile and you’re ready to pull in the winning deck!


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Max Fashion’s Style Guide To A Fab Diwali

With Diwali just around the corner, it definitely is the time to continue with the celebrations. In between the round-the-clock festive shopping and preparing several guest lists, there is something that might just escape your mind- you! Taking care of yourself has to be the more important mandate than ever before, so put on your running shoes and go for your daily jog, the one you were planning to skip. Read on to know more about the numerous ways you could gear up for the Diwali. Get ready, celebrate and repeat!


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Add Fusion to The Festive Mood

Who said fusion and festive don’t work well together? If you are looking to score some major fashion points at your office Diwali party, then we have some great picks for you. Don’t go for the usual ethnic ensembles, instead experiment with dazzling fusion styles that are sure to get heads turning your way. Mix and match to discover which outfit shows off your signature style the best and walk in with style and confidence. If you are having trouble deciding what to pick then turn to us for being your best and most trusted fashion guide for the festive season.


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Flaunt your festive fashion looks this Dussehra with Max Fashion

Celebrate this Dussehra in style. Spin your own tale of fashion by ditching the usual festive trends and opting for more unique silhouettes that exude your signature style. Be bold with your choice and experiment with new styles. We’ve got you covered! How about mixing up the dark and sexy Goth style with ethnic ensembles? Or playing around with tons of bling, glitter and glam? For the fashionistas, this is a fun challenge that they are ready to ace, but for those who like to stay within their comfort zone, this year let go of the boring and explore extraordinary styles.


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Ethnic wear gets a fusion twist this festive season

Festive time brings us back to our roots; it’s a season to celebrate traditions, age-old rituals and wearing outfits that define our culture.

The quintessential saree reflects the desi-connect to our customs and festivals. Who says you can’t look your traditional best in other ensembles. The biggest trend ruling the fashion circuits is fusion wear.

It’s all about a harmonious blend of ethnic aesthetics with western sass. Rock the Indo-western with style with some tricks that help you slay this festive season.


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So come the festive season, you buy new clothes, gifts and plan on feasts and get-togethers. This year, here's an idea to bring some newness to your celebrations. Pause a while, introspect, how can you enhance the 'good' factor in your life. It could be anything and everything positive. No better time to do this. We suggest some ideas to get your stated but this is just a beginning. Go ahead add your own, make a longer list. You will find this will add more meaning to your celebrations. Enjoy!


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Choose Her Colour...Honour the Goddess

Energy, power, vitality, strength... all things positive, that's what the fiery Goddess Durga stands for. Draped in dazzling red, symbolic of all she stands for, she vanquishes Evil, restoring the reign of good among mankind... This season of the Goddess, revere her from the heart, imbibe her fearless attitude and wear her colour. Dip into the dazzling range of ensembles in latest the Max Fashion range of outfits and give your wardrobe the festive upgrade. Give the ensembles your special touch with a ruby pendant, a hibiscus, red shoes or a pure red bag.


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With Onam just around the corner it’s time to gear up for the festivities. This major festival brings with it a host of fun activities for people of all ages to enjoy. The rich culture of the state shines bright throughout this 10-day festival. The decorations, the floral arrangements, the lip-smacking delicacies all form a part of this extravagant fiesta. But it’s not just about the festivities, this is the time to have some fun with fashion and sport your Onam style with some fashion picks we have curated just for you. Curious to know what’s in store… Find out more.


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With Independence Day just around the corner, the feeling
of patriotism is in the air. It is the time to celebrate not just the
freedom of our country but also our freedom as individuals to express
ourselves in the way we want to. One way of expressing ourselves is
through fashion, and we think that each individual should have the
freedom of fashion; their independent style, and what better day is
there to sport that independence through your signature style. If you

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The Nerdy Fashion Upgrade

Beauty and brains really do go well together. We are not just talking about the quintessential nerdy style that's been trending for a while now with the glasses and plaid skirts and shirts. What we are talking about goes beyond the boxed version of the bookish look. It explores the boundaries of fashion by not restricting the 'nerd' to certain stereotypical fashion trends and allowing these individuals to not just score high marks in school but also ace the fashion game by exploring varying styles of their choice.

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