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Max Fashion’s Guide to a Post Festive Season Wardrobe

The festive season may be over (for now), but there is no reason for you to hold back when it comes to dressing up post celebrations. Throw in a dose of all things bright and beautiful in your day-to-day attires and step out with your style game sorted. From mixing and matching it right and re-wearing your festive wardrobe to shopping smartly whilst looking for something that pairs right with the usual celebratory bling, we got your back. So read on, and be ready with the fabulous style lessons you might need.



Mix and Match

A style mantra since time immemorial, the good old ‘mix it up’ never goes out of fashion. What better way to flaunt your colourful flared tops than teaming it with essential jeans? Go right ahead.


Wear again (and again)


Last we heard, there is no rule that tells you to stop re-wearing your outfits, so stop worrying and flaunt your cool chic midi dress while out at brunch with friends. Ditch your heels for sneakers/boots and move around like a pro.


Corporate yet Chic


‘What do I wearing to work today’ could very well be the most common question ever asked, but post festivities, you can spin it in your favour. Once in a while, pair your intricately embroidered (read festive inspired) attires at work, pairing them with subtle clothes to create a balance.



Fresh Menswear Looks


There is something for everyone, and that includes the boys too! Wear your dapper shirts and waistcoats -the ones you got for the celebrations- to break the monotony, and we can assure you, you won’t be sorry!


The Smart Shopper


When out there shopping next time, bag looks that work best with your current wardrobe. Pick trousers, ripped denims and best of essentials from Max Fashion that go with just about anything. Get them before they are gone!