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The Gift of Self-Love for the Festive Season

The 'Festival of Lights' is almost here and so is the time to do the thing that's most important come festive season- taking care of yourself! Be it taking some time off to simply relax or indulging in things that please you the most, don't forget to gift yourself some much-needed self-love and care. Take that time off, watch that show you have been postponing for quite some time now, read that book and give yourself the 'me time' that you most certainly deserve.



Here are 10 things you may gift yourself this season of Light.


1. Pledge to Beauty: Gift yourself a brand new style. A new haircut (not a trim), a change of wardrobe (not your usual go-tos), new colours, a derm consultation for skin glow...


2. Groom Regular: Invest in an annual plan with your salon for the basics of grooming & pay in advance. This way you’re likely to stick to the schedule!


3. Cut Yourself Some Flak: You too are human so you will make mistakes. Pause, take stock, learn and move on. It’s okay.

5. Plan a Wellness Calendar... For yourself. Healthy and tasty foods (yes, may be expensive – you deserve it), healthy weight-loss,  a fun fitness regime & so on.


6. Pamper Yourself: A luxury massage, a day off work to laze by yourself, binge on Netflix – anything that defines ‘pamper’ to you.



8. Reach Out... to the less fortunate. Studies indicate that the act of giving back to the community boosts your own happiness, health, and sense of well-being. No need for fancy charities. Your help near you could benefit from your attention.


9. Write yourself a love letter: Go on, do it! Step out of yourself and take an unbiased look at yourself and write out the good you see in you.