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All Essential Beauty Secrets For The Festive Season

Clothes play an all-important role in getting you ready for the Diwali festivities, but that doesn’t mean that you forget to take into account the other important factors- skincare and makeup. Before you head out to celebrate the festivities in style, it’s not only important to get your makeup on point, but also prep your skin correctly with the right requisites. From a hint of mascara and festive-worthy eye-shadow to effective lip colours and moisturisers, we bring to you the list of celebratory essentials for an enthralling Diwali. Read on to discover it all.


Start it Precise: Before you get on to the finer details, make sure to begin at the right note. Use a suitable cleanser that works best for your skin type to give it all the loving it needs. If you’ve been ignoring your skin for far too long, it’s only sensible to opt for a face scrub that exfoliates, cleans as well as hydrates your skin.


Moisturising is Key: We know you know it already, but we are going to say it anyway- it’s time to bring out your essential moisturising elements and get to work. Opt for gels, night creams or face washes to give your skin a soothing experience.


Giving in to Details: Supple and smooth skin wouldn’t be achieved without indulging the delicate lip area and the eyes, which are much often forgotten. So while you are at it, don’t forget to give them some much needed attention. Use an eye and lip cleanser/moisturizer, if you may.


Eyes Done Right: A volumizing mascara works wonders for highlighting your eyes, whilst looking wonderful with a festive outfit. If you don’t want to take our word for it, grab the brush and see it for yourselves before you head out to celebrate the ‘Festival of Lights’.


Maximum Impact: Speaking of eyes, an effective eye-shadow never hurts, but make sure you pick a colour you are comfortable wearing if you opt for it at all. After all, it’s not for the faint--hearted!


Matte to the Rescue: Not only do matte lip colours stay put longer, they form the perfect pick for the festive season. Opt for a smudge-free scarlet that works well but if in the mood for something subtle, tone it down a notch.


Blend it In: Last but not the least, the right bronzer (or perhaps a blush, if you may) can make a huge difference in your look. Keep it subtle and in sync with your attire.