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Give back to the planet – in your signature style

Fashion with feeling. That’s what Max Fashion brings you this season. Dip into the brand new EcoVero range of sustainable ensembles. Pick from the eclectic choices to look good, feel comfortable and do your bit for the environment. The well styled range of clothing made from biodegradable, wood based fibre from  LENZING™ ECOVERO™  has something for all body types and style inclinations. Redefine what suits you, and set out to not just look good but do good as well. The best part? It’s easy and so much fun. And you get a brand new wardrobe in the process!


Quick ways to refresh & rehaul your wardrobe this
happy season of give-back

Invite a friend and try out the different styles currently in your wardrobe. Figure out what works best on you: The fabric types, cuts, flows, Indian or Western, colours, prints or plain. Make sure you listen to your friend! Remember you invited him or her over because you feel he/she has a great sense of style.


Then try out styles and cuts you’ve never tried. Take a vote on what you can experiment with. Buy not more than 1-2 ensembles to begin with. (Don’t forget to carry back your goodies in paper bags.)


Go through your existing wardrobe – clothes and accessories, and give away everything that you’ve not worn through two seasons. Remember, to only give away things that are in
good condition.


Store your clothes well to increase their longevity, and wear that favourite dress for the next season as well – as long as the style suits you, you can add trendy accessories to bring it
up to speed.