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Denims that are made to suit 'Style Me'!



Let there be a show of hands of people who live in their denims. I thought so! Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. They are so versatile and easy to style. I love their cool, casual vibe; and I dress up my look depending on my mood. Feeling rebellious and contrarian… rock star chic it is then with straight fit jeans, plaid shirt and boots. For that brunch date, I usually wear a cute top with skinny jeans and my fave handbag. For a day of running around and meetings, a crisp shirt, smart pumps and slim fits are my go-to. Comfy, culotte-style wide-legged jeans and a T-shirt are perfect for a movie date.


Which is why I’m so happy to explore Max’s new denim range at the Max Big Blues Festival. I don’t need to opt for just one style; the brand has decided to fit my lifestyle! They know that we’ve all moved on from the classic indigo-hued, regular jeans. Now, we demand more from our denims in terms of fit, washes, shapes and comfort. This season’s denims at Max come in a range of fits, washes and styles — to suit your every mood and occasion. And they’ve not forgotten kids and men!


My new favorites are the light ‘ice wash’ jeans — I always feel cool in them, no matter the temperature outside. For bae, I prefer the jogger side tape denims which are a perfect mix of casual and chic. (My man tells me it is the skinny biker jeans he prefers.) The acid-washed and sequined pants from the kids’ range really stands out. I wish they came in adult sizes! Whether you prefer high- or low-waisted denim pants, want to emphasize your back or waist, Max has a style that will make you feel like your most stylish self!