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The Magic of Mickey turns 90: Enduring Enchantment!


1925. Disney Studios. California.

Animator, Hugh Harmon on a whim, sketched some cartoon mice around the photograph of businessman Walt Disney. Young artist UbbeEert (or UbIwerks) intrigued by the sketches, tweaked them to create a cartoon mouse with white gloves, yellow gloves and a goofy grin. Disney christened him Mortimer Mouse but his wife Lillian convinced him to change it.


Three years later, in 1928, Mickey took the world by storm in Steamboat Willie, the iconic animated short film directed by Walt Disney and UbIwerks. And so was born the most enduring and enchanting cartoon character the world has seen till date.


The fascination that Mickey Mouse and his charming girlfriend, Minnie Mouse, hold out is unique in that it continues to charm young and old, and never goes out of fashion. From infant clothing to young-wear, Mickey finds himself trending everywhere this 90th year of his being created.






If you are one who wishes to commemorate the day it all began, check out Max Fashion’s fun ensembles that are a tribute to the much loved cartoon character. Don a ‘Mickey Mouse’ graphic tee with a pair of comfy jeans or flaunt sweatshirts that have your favourite character plastered on them! As for the kids, options are many with the timeless icon featured in a variety of ways. Truly, there is something for everyone! Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself and thank us later!

Cheers to the mighty mouse, Mickey!