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Fitness and fashion come together to make you look fabulous

Saying goodbye to Diwali was hard, but with Christmas on the way, it’s time to be merry again. With Christmas come a whole lotta delicious treats, but with our bodies just recovering from the Diwali food hangover, some serious damage control needs to be done before we can indulge again. But worry not, for we have the best tips to help you get back in shape for the December festivities. We also have some stylish outfit ideas for the winters that are sure to crank up your style and leave you looking like the fashionista that you are. This season, follow our winter guide to be fit and fab.



Sweat it Out

After scarfing down all those Diwali sweets and deep-fried savouries, it’s time to get back on track with your fitness regime. Eat a little healthier and push a little harder to burn off those extra calories, and get ready to indulge in binging all over again for the Christmas season!


Buddy Up

An easy way of keeping yourself in check is to get your best pal to do it along with you so you don’t feel like you are ‘missing out’. Not only this, you are more likely to stay focussed this way. Opt for food diaries to keep track of your calorie consumption.


Plate Right

Plating is key, so be sure that each meal is packed with greens, healthy carbs, lean protein and healthy fats. It’s not just about quality, it’s about quantity too, so make sure to control portions, whilst staying hydrated.


Hunger Pangs

Don’t go for any event or party with an empty stomach, for you will surely over-indulge! Eat a nutritious home-made meal before heading out so you do not fill up entirely on the fast food at the party.



Dress to Complement Your Body Type

Forget the rules, you do you! Zero in on a friend, sister or cousin who you think looks well turned out for all occasions. Then choose colours, cuts, prints and styles you like but run them past them for fashion advice. Its important to remember that you need to be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Enjoy!