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As we move into December, it's time to put aside your cares, pause a while and... party! Looking one's best is a must to get in the compliments, but also to end the year on a feel-good high. This year stand out - look great and be comfortable - with some handy tips from experts, and a little help from Max Fashion's festive collection. Get the bling on and pair with quirky accessories or makeup; layer up in style for the outdoor party; cultivate a signature style for the season... let your whimsy take you places.



And of course every party needs a rocking look! Worry not, decide your ensembles well ahead of time and sail forth to be the show-stopper. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.


Things to keep in mind when party-dressing


  1.  Do not sacrifice comfort – and no, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. (Remember, long hours on your feet calls for well-fitted shoes.)
  2. Yes, pick a trend you like but don’t forget to add your signature touch. Could be fresh flowers on your hair, a slogan clutch, a subtle streak of snow-white in your hair... pull out the stops, be creative!
  3. For makeup, highlight either lips or eyes. Try something different from your usual. Dump the brown gloss for blood red lip colour; try extended wings for smoky eyes... And if in the mood, opt for a touch of body glitter.