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Speak Your Mind With Slogans

What you wear has a lot to do with your mood, thoughts, and feelings, and with the relevant clothes, you can channel it all at the bat of an eyelid. And with the right slogan-inscribed outfits (read tees and sweatshirts), the job only gets easier. Pick a single word that proclaims your belief or a series of them strung together to form a statement that makes heads turn- after all, it’s time for a revolution, both in thought and in dressing. So read on all there is to know before you move ahead to take your pick of the trend. 



Come winter, a pair of jeans and a comfy, stylish sweatshirt are the order of the day. Step out looking your best with an added statement emblazoned on your sweater or your t-shirt- whatever works better for you!


• Work a classic ‘denim and tee’ look, opting for a slogan tee and a jacket or a sweatshirt to flaunt that fashionable statement.


• A pair of joggers teamed with an uber-cool sweatshirt works wonders for an athleisure-inspired ensemble. Give in to the comfort and style that is all you need this winter. 



If shopping for the trend, be open to newer approaches and ideas. Visit your nearest Max Fashion store for versatile clothing which flaunts slogans teamed with florals and smart graphics.


• How to accessorise your look, you ask? Keep it simple, as you go for minimal accessories that keep the focus on your attire.