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Say ‘Hello’ To Dewy, Winter Skin In 10 Steps

Winter is when all the colours of our wardrobe come out—bright reds, deep yellows, iridescent greens and vibrant blues. It’s also time for playing with all the colours of your lipstick and eyeshadow palette. But, if your skin is dull, dry and tight, it can suck away the joy from the cold months. Here’s our 10-step guide to hydrating your skin from the inside out, and protecting its most vulnerable layers from the outside during these chilly days. These are super simple tips which will have you go from, ‘Brrrr, winter’ to ‘Hello, dewy beauty’ in no time!



1.Piping hot showers dehydrate and strip oils from your skin and hair. Wash with lukewarm water instead.


2. If you live in particularly dry and cold climates, invest in a humidifier. It’ll also help you avoid dry nasal passages.



5. Avoid petroleum- or water-based moisturisers that suck moisture from your skin. Instead, opt for oil-based and natural ingredients in a thicker medium.


6. Use cream makeup and skin cleansers in place of alcohol-based ones. Store away your alcohol-based toners and astringents too.



8. Stay away from synthetically-fragranced soaps and cleansers, and skincare and beauty products to maintain your skin’s oil balance. Opt for naturals ingredients instead.


9. Carry a handy bottle of lotion and lip balm in your bag so you can fight dryness anywhere!