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Date Dress Codes with Max Fashion

Valentine’s Day may be an annual occasion, but you can plan a date for every single day of the year. Wouldn’t your special someone love that? Keep the romance in your relationship alive, with special outings and sweet nothings. While you are setting the stage for a really special date, let us do the thinking for your date dressing. From chic dress and prim shirt-and-trouser combos to casual chinos and tees, Max Fashion has got your back with a wide range of outfits for every kind of date. Get ready to woo BAE with your style!  

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Jean Therapy with Usaamah

Attention, men! The thought of shopping might give you heartburn, but it’s high time you jump aboard the fashion bandwagon. As Usaamah Siddique, one of India’s most popular menswear blogger says, men too can also express themselves through fashion. If your wardrobe is in dire need of an upgrade, Usaamah suggests starting simple. Give your casuals a makeover with this denim-and-tee ensemble from Max Fashion’s new spring collection, a trendy casual look that is comfy, yet stylish.

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Romancing the Goa Carnival!

Catch the spirit of the Goa Carnival & dress in the style - even if not in Goa! The seaside resort - land of beaches, parties and all-year susegad, a Portuguese word meaning contentment -  embodies the exuberance of spring. February is particularly special. The Carnival of Goa, an annual event, held in the month, dates back to the arrival of the Portuguese in the state during the 16th century. It is till date, a feast for the senses, with colourful parades, music and dancing, evening performances and lots of delicious food and entertainment. 

Get Carnival ready

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Gifts of Love…with Max Fashion

 Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? The most romantic day of the year is almost here, and it’s time to show your special someone a whole lotta love. Everyone adores a great present, and choosing the perfect gift for your bae can be extra daunting. But fret not! This February, Max Fashion makes it easy. Choose your favourites from a wide collection of fuss-free, stylish clothes and accessories and wrap it up to make for a chic and romantic present. Whether your better half likes to make a statement or keep it minimal, there’s a perfect present to woo everyone.

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Forget the same-old. Try the new!

A holiday is always a good idea.

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A Tête-à-Tête With The Top 15

There are fifteen finalists slated to compete at the finale of Max Design Awards 2018, and there is more common ground between them than the competition itself. For one, all of them are working towards a cause- be it slow fashion, removing racism, sustainable design development or more. In the hands of these young thinkers, the future of fashion and design holds great hopes.

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The Good Life Guide

This year, we are living by a simple resolution – being ourselves. But what does it mean, really to 'be yourself'? Does it involve going out more often or is it about embracing our introvert selves? Is it about living in the present or working towards higher goals?

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Celebrating India with Max Fashion

Indian handlooms are famed all over the world for their intricate craftsmanship and visual appeal. Every region of India boasts its own crafts and handlooms, and many popular textiles today are derived from the long-standing weaving and cloth-making traditions of the country’s nomadic and tribal communities. Age-old these handicrafts they might be, but their appeal is timeless.

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Sleeve fashion is ruling the ramps and the streets, adding drama and style nuances to ensembles, and taking them soaring up the fashion charts. Outfits, Indian or Western, get an edge with interesting experimentations on the sleeve front. Check out the variations in the Max Fashion spring line up. Dresses and tops sport sleeves that range from the uber feminine and grunge to the exotic and unusual. There’s also a turn into revivalism with puff sleeves and the traditional long and quarter sleeves making a comeback in kurtas and tops. Dip into some decoding  of the trend.


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From Runway To Closet

You may have a penchant for florals or an affinity towards denim or maybe you are one to lean on bold, tailored outfits. But are you well acquainted with how to style your outfits to make them your own? There is no dearth of options with inspiration from Max Design Awards where young designers bring together functional and aesthetic aspects to form a distinct look you could use in your wardrobe. With added cues from none other than leading designers and style updates from industry insiders, here's a guide to ace the current season.


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