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How to Travel in Style

Everyone loves a great holiday, but packing for them can be quite a task. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult. The secret to packing efficiently is to know your holiday destination and picking the right outfits for the season. Winter holidays demand that you carry woollens and jackets which can make suitcases considerably heavier. Don’t let that bother you though. With a little help from Max Fashion, you will be packed and ready in no time for your holidays. Here are all the essential travel style tips to keep you looking great and feeling cosy, from Sikkim to South Africa.

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Sighing over those impossibly chic vacation posts on Instagram all day? Stop scrolling through feeds and start planning your own holiday bucket list instead. Now we admit it, while our social media heroes make it look easy, travel isn’t always stylish. Not when we are lugging heavy suitcases or realising we have packed nothing right for the place and season.


This winter though, your travel wardrobe is already sorted thanks to Max Fashion. The brand’s winter collection is functional as well as fashionable, tailor-made for anyone bitten by the spirit of wanderlust.


Your holiday destination and time of travel decides what makes it to your packing list. Don’t go anywhere without packing a pair (or two) of denim bottoms. The warm fabric is just the right dose of comfy when paired with a shirt and jacket. Swap heavy sweaters with knit dresses and separates. They are super versatile and easy to style too.


Think leather and vinyl jackets or hoodies, classic travel choices that keep you feeling snug too! A light bandhgala will serve well on mildly cold days. Winter is a pleasant time to travel – multi-tasking jackets and light knits make for uncluttered bags and keep you from drowning in chunky woollens for your vacation pictures. Happy holiday!