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Bling it On with Max Fashion!

We’ve got to admit it, wearing bling is not an easy trick to master. Too little and it’s invisible, too much and it’s OTT. Right on time for year-end revelries, Max Fashion gets the fashion formula right with its new bling collection. A match tailor-made for parties and dancing nights, this line of dresses and separates take the subtle approach to sparkle. Shimmering textures, sequins, glossy fabrics and eye-catching details stay true to the dress code, but are also understated and versatile enough to suit other occasions. Come, meet the party outfits you will love to wear all day and round the year!


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Time flies! It’s December and chances are your year-end party invites are piling up. No better time to show off your sparkliest #ootn than a night of dancing and counting down to the New Year. Lacking bling in your closet? No worries! Max Fashion’s uber hot bling collection is all you need to be the life of the party.


There’s no such thing as too much bling. Not if you do it right. Max Fashion reinvents the season’s haute trends – glitter and metallics – with lush velvet, shimmering textures and glossy surfaces in varied colours, from copper, bronze, gold to midnight blue and black. It’s all about bling, but it’s also fun, failsafe and absolutely fabulous!




  • When in doubt, wear a dress. Pick a curve-embracing shimmery number. Pair with look-at-me boots or stylish heels and swing the crowds!
  • Opt for an outfit with unexpected twists - a statement dress (literally making that statement!) in sequins? Way to go.
  • Craving for some colour with a difference? Decode bling, add nuances of copper, gold and bronze and add non-stop sparkle to the night out with the girls.