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Romancing the Goa Carnival!

Catch the spirit of the Goa Carnival & dress in the style - even if not in Goa! The seaside resort - land of beaches, parties and all-year susegad, a Portuguese word meaning contentment -  embodies the exuberance of spring. February is particularly special. The Carnival of Goa, an annual event, held in the month, dates back to the arrival of the Portuguese in the state during the 16th century. It is till date, a feast for the senses, with colourful parades, music and dancing, evening performances and lots of delicious food and entertainment. 

Get Carnival ready

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Relax, Unwind & Enjoy

Here’s some know-how you can tuck away to use next year – if unable to make it this year.  The highlight of the festival is the competitive float parade that takes place in Panaji, the state capital. The parade is led by ‘King Momo’ a mythological character chosen each year from among local participants. The parade isn’t just a visual spectacle, but also offers a closer look of Goan customs, traditions and attire.


Dance Dance Dance

Dancing is an important part of the festivities, and an activity everyone joins with enthusiasm. The Samba Square is a vibrant festive space where evenings are filled with live music and performances. The long-standing Red & Black dance, marking the end of the carnival, is a must-visit – make sure you turn up dressed in the colours of the ball.



Dress to Celebrate

The vibe at the Goa Carnival is chill yet lively, so make sure you fashion statement too is a happy mix of chic and comfortable. (And if not in Goa, never mind. Dress in the spirit anyway.) Bohemian fusion dresses, denim shorts and shirt, bright colours and prints are perfect for women, accessories with fringed bags, tribal jewellery and easy slippers. Men can take their pick of graphic tees, beach-ready shorts or roomy prints. 


Eat Your Heart Out

Goa is known for its delicious cuisine as much as its beaches and the abundance of fresh seafood is a delight for foodies. Don’t forget to gorge on local delicacies like Goan sorpotel, xacuti and vindaloo. Round off your meals with bebinca, the famous Goan dessert.