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It's A Wonderful Life... Teach Them To Savour It!

Yes, they must not neglect their studies nor their extra-curricular activities... But there is more to life! Teach them to enjoy different experiences as they travel down the road to adulthood. Gardening, for instance, is a pastime that has several positive fallouts. Free-style painting too allows creativity to develop. Drop by at the ongoing Max Kids Festival at the Max Fashion outlets & let them check out what they enjoy... 

What are your favourite ways to spend time with your kiddos this summer?


Take gardening. It’s a wonderful, practical way to bond with your child. Demarcate an area or even a pot as ‘his’. He is in charge of the plant. He plants the seed, waters it, pulls out weeds and takes care of it till it grows into a lush adult plant giving fruit, flower or vegetable.


The lessons learnt are many: As you sow so will you reap; of taking ownership and responsibility. Then there is the satisfaction of growing something from seed, nurturing it and seeing it flourish. Slowly, expand his patch or number of pots. Who knows, in time, gardening may grow to be a lifelong habit and help him de-stress, as he faces the pressures of the world as an adult. 



There are other ways to bring your child to experience life’s truisms. For instance, often, mothers feel they ought to choose their children’s clothes for them – they know best for their child. But it’s not a bad idea to let your youngster in middle-school, for instance, choose his outfits to a budget.

Take him or her to a value-conscious brand such as Max Fashion, and let him make up his mind. Carry the thought forward to maintenance and matching the right ensemble to the occasion, and how it matters. Show him how looking good, feeling better and maintaining personal hygiene all go together.