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The Good Life Guide

This year, we are living by a simple resolution – being ourselves. But what does it mean, really to 'be yourself'? Does it involve going out more often or is it about embracing our introvert selves? Is it about living in the present or working towards higher goals? We believe it’s a little bit of everything that helps us find our place in the sun. It may have been a few days since the New Year dawned on us all, but it's never too late to embrace the perennial rules of well being! From travelling the world and making new friends to learning fun activities that you have always wanted to, we bring to you the endless possibilities to channel your true self. 


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Commit to Small Changes

Trying to incorporate sudden drastic changes in your routine like running 10 km every day or doing a hundred squats are recipes for failure. Go slow instead, making small, gradual changes that don't take a toll on you. Get used to running the km (or maybe the 100 metres!) before you reach for the bigger goals.


Find a Balance

Juggling work and fun is no cakewalk, but it’s important to maintain the balance between the two for your physical and mental wellbeing. Take breaks from work for small pleasures and tasks other than work – read a book or find time to organise your closet. The breaks need not be long or planned too much in advance. If at the desk through the day, for instance, set the alarm to remind yourself to take the 10 minute-break every 2-3 hours. You could just shut your eyes and tune into calming music, check the day’s happenings on the news…


Unplug from Social Media

In a world dominated by deadlines and social media, keeping up with trends and updates can be overwhelming.  Get over your FOMO with a social media detox and make time for yourself. This will be difficult for those constantly plugged in – but force yourself if need be, in the beginning. The world will not stop if you go off social media for 24 



hours! (And you will emerge unbelievably refreshed. Try it.)

Focus On Looking Good (Feel Better!)

The key to a great look often lies in keeping comfort first. Hone your style by balancing trends with the feel-good factor. Turn to Max Fashion's spring collection for this season’s choicest prints and designs in ultra-comfy styles.


Focus on Your Well-being


In the rush of your day, don't forget to take out time for yourself. Swap junk for healthy 



foods, practice meditation for short periods, take a breather or simply enjoy the sunshine!


Say Yes to New Things

Join a hobby club, learn a new language, pave the way for a new sartorial style or pursue the activity you have always wanted to try. It's all about introducing small, consistent changes to avoid the mundane.



Explore the World

Travelling not only relieves stress, it also broadens one’s perspective by introduction to new cultures and places.  Plan your itinerary and head out with chic travel ensembles from Max Fashion in your luggage.


Live in the Moment

It’s difficult to be optimistic if you are always obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. Appreciate the present and learn to focus on it.