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Is your travel backpack sustainable?

Packing sustainably is easy and necessary. Just by opting for better choices of what you will need during your travel, can make you closer to the planet. Here are a few travel essentials that can be your bits of helping out the environment.




1. Reusable water bottle

      Buying a plastic bottle every place you go only increases your plastic trail. Keep a reusable bottle handy, so you can just fill it wherever you go! It’s cleaner, kinder and a great way to step into sustainability.



2. Cloth carry bag

      Carry a couple of foldable cloth bags with you. You never have to ask for plastic or paper bags again. Also, you can keep a smaller one in your car or bike to collect your trash! What a cool way to ‘no littering’ right?



4. One rain-safe jacket

  A necessity! Instead of layering on with several sweaters and jackets, pack light with one good jacket that solves all purposes.


5. Carry your own toiletries

          Buying those little sachets and tiny bottles of shampoo and soap only increases your waste. Plus, why buy things that you already own! Carry reusable travel bottles to fill up on your daily necessities and reduce waste!