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YOU are your perfect fashion icon!

Don’t let stereotypes define what you will wear…. Being dusky doesn’t mean that you can’t wear pastels, being at work doesn’t mean you need to stick to staid solids… Centre your inner diva and hear her shout! Let your voice come through in your look. Let your personality speak. Your fashion voice is the only one you need to listen to. Be your own fashion icon! 


This season, Max celebrates women, and their right to be themselves, no matter what the world may say. So you're dusky and have a wardrobe full of deep, rich shades? Go ahead and load it up with pastels if you find them pretty. Wear that powder pink lahenga for the next wedding you attend or choose a mauve top for work tomorrow. For you'll shine when you wear what you want! Behen, Kuch Bhi Pehen!



Do Monday to Friday have to be days when "professional" solids rule the roost? Bring a wave of fresh air into your office wardrobe – dare to wear florals, and in vibrant hues if you so prefer. That joy that your favourite ensemble brings to you is sure to spread an infectious positive energy, making your productivity soar. And yes, florals never fail to bring a smile even in the most stressful of situations. Go ahead, Behen, Kuch Bhi Pehen!




At the night out, it doesn't always have to be about blacks, silvers and sheers. You may try sporting a light moss green maxi or a lavender A-line dress if that's what you prefer. These hues are fresh and feminine, just like you! Your happy vibes are enough to make it a night to remember! So never think twice when it's about you. Remember, you are unique, you are one-of-a-kind, you are a woman! Just follow your heart. Behen, Kuch Bhi Pehen!