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Wardrobe Overhaul For Your Youngster

Easy breezy notes of spring need not apply only to adult fashionistas but may be redefined to delight your youngster as well. Max Fashion's spring line up, aptly titled Spring Maritime, is reminiscent of motifs, colours and moods of 'sailor fashion'. 'Pirate' tees, striped tops in shades of blue, white and contrasting reds and playful frills are the highlights of the line up. The range goes across a wide age group from 1-16. So infants, babies, toddlers, school-goers, tweens and teens - all can revel in this glorious expression of the season of gentle sunshine.



Ranveer Singh made heads turn when he showed up at a red carpet event, two years ago, in what looked like a lehenga.  Okay, you may not want to stretch it that far but it's great to take a leaf out of the star's way of thinking to get your kids to enjoy the clothes they choose to wear, maybe even encourage their sense of the dramatic and the different. No, this does not mean they become clothes horses, but it does go some way in making them understand the importance of being well groomed and dressed. Also, it's never too early to start some style lessons! 



To encourage new ideas, build new thoughts, and help kids take to the skies, Max Fashion’s new range is as inspirational as it gets. With quirky styles, a bevy of bright colours and silhouettes that help your child move with ease, the new line by the brand is a breath of fresh air. The spring 2019 collection introduces a fun spin on a classic trend – sailor fashion. With an abundance of blues, reds and whites, the line boasts of quintessential spring silhouettes – dresses, chinos, skirts and shorts – intermixed with a bevy of complementary detailing and fun motifs. The line is a testament to Max Fashion’s command over the high-street kids segment in India.



What makes the collection even more special is that it is affordable. The silhouettes cater to kids of all ages – from infants and toddlers to tweens and early teens. With spring in the air, get your little one a fresh new wardrobe to express his or her growing personality. And with the weather going on to be temperate, plan that spring vacation by the beach. Or, check with junior what's his idea of a spring break.