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Sleeve fashion is ruling the ramps and the streets, adding drama and style nuances to ensembles, and taking them soaring up the fashion charts. Outfits, Indian or Western, get an edge with interesting experimentations on the sleeve front. Check out the variations in the Max Fashion spring line up. Dresses and tops sport sleeves that range from the uber feminine and grunge to the exotic and unusual. There’s also a turn into revivalism with puff sleeves and the traditional long and quarter sleeves making a comeback in kurtas and tops. Dip into some decoding  of the trend.


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Long sleeves: Traditionally long sleeves had to extend below the wrist as you see in the top here (above right). These create an elegant and graceful silhouette and are perfect for the balmy weather.

Off-shoulder & cold-shoulder sleeves: All a rage now and smart too, a little playful, a little cheeky maybe, and so much fun. Off shoulder sleeves start a little below the shoulder bone, and may be any length. The cold shoulder gather-sleeved top you see here (above centre) is like an ode to the season.

Bishop sleeves: There are amazing stylised versions to this charming sleeve-type. Essentially, as the name suggests, the sleeve follows the general style of traditional gowns that bishops would wear. The sleeves may puff out after a slim start but must be gathered at the wrist. Check out the ruffle sleeve Tee (above left) which has elements of the bishop’s sleeve.



Bell sleeves: The sky is the limit to variations of this sleeve – the sleeves just need to end in a bell shape, the beginning of the sleeve need not be too structured. Such sleeves add a touch of quirk to any regular dress or ensemble.

Kimono sleeves: Japan’s traditional attire now is largely ceremonial even in its country of origin but a fashion export from the island nation that’s climbed the charts is the kimono sleeve. The kimono sleeve is cut with a deeper armhole and allows for easy movement and high comfort while looking cool and stylish. Check a charming modern interpretation in this white dress.

Bracelet sleeve: Any sleeve that stops above your wrist, is a bracelet sleeve. Comfortable and elegant, suitable for Western and Indian wear