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Seasons in the Sun: Hit the Cool Vibe this Summer Vacay!

Beat the heat with some smart tips, and chic tropical prints and vibrant nature motifs for your wardrobe - an instant summer perk-up. Choose fun tees, and pair them up with trendy shorts, denims or ripped trousers for that #instacool twist. Keep up the soothing vibe, even when the sun is all scorch and swelter, with the Max #Holiyays Summer collection. Add shades, straw hats and glam bows to up the cool factor.



When the sun rules the skies, it’s time to stock up your wardrobe with all the easy breezy outfits you can lay your hands on. Light cottons in every hue – from pastels that soothe to vibrant shades that lift the mood in the snap of a finger… you can opt for any or all!


Go for motifs that spell "summer fun" in bold. And guys, don’t shy away from tropical florals for instant refresh. Or even the tender coconut, so refreshing, on your tee. Flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies... pull out the stops, go all out on motifs. Pair those groovy tops and tees with comfy shorts, ankle-length denims or ripped trousers to shout out the cool summer anthem.


Don’t forget loads of sun creme, that nifty straw hat and glam shades when you step out. Then, sit (or lie) back and let the compliments wash over you!