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Come year-end and most people veer around to the inevitable list, one of lofty resolutions. You don't need global surveys to prove the reality that even the most earnest hardly ever manage to see through their resolutions till year end. So this year, here's a revolutionary thought: Take a pledge to NOT make that list, even mentally. Instead, we did an fun informal analysis of a  section of people (admitted failures at keeping up resolutions) and came up with three golden rules to try to live by in 2019... Cheers!



Focus on ‘Resolved’ not ‘Resolution’

Take a moment to reflect on just how far you’ve come in the year that’s gone by, milestones (however small) you may have achieved, bad habits you may have dropped or good ones you may have picked up. Acknowledge the steps (giant or baby) you’ve taken to become the person you hope to be. Up your feel-good and watch your productivity take an upswing – naturally.



Let Go of Setbacks

We hate to fail, to stumble, to go wrong. We fear it, we dread it, and when it does happen, we hold onto the bad-feel, and sometimes, go to pieces. This year-end, look at setbacks analytically – rope in a friend to be absolutely unbiased, if you like. Was it your fault, if so, back to the drawing board. (P V Sindhu won the BWF World Tour Finals despite a string of setbacks this year. There’s a little of Sindhu in all of us... just need to tap in.) The bias goes the other way for those who tend to be very hard on them. Here too you need a good friend to tell you when to cut yourself some flak.


Fashion disaster – that’s you?

Are you cringing at the thought of the times when you felt a frump, times when you were the most inappropriately dressed at a gathering, where you felt your hair was not right, you were too overweight or underweight? Here’s the thing: All fashion faux pas may be rescued with the right attitude. Get the chutzpah to be confident in what you happen to be wearing (even if you’re in the LBD surrounded by sarees). Lace it with a little lightness, learn to laugh at yourself. And let it go.