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Redefine 'free time' for your kids this summer!

Parenting is not just about meeting basic needs of your child but also about helping him explore his creativity to reach his potential. No, this is not necessarily achieved by filling up his leisure with structured activities. It's about allowing him or her to simply do 'nothing'... daydream, browse through books, walk through malls and stores window-shopping. After all, every kid is a superstar! At Max Fashion, we know your child's happiness and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to you. To celebrate the spirit of childhood, we are hosting the Max Kids Festival through this month. Drop in and let him explore his creativity!


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As young parents it’s difficult to hold yourself back from joining the bandwagon of modern couples who fill their children’s summer time-away-from-school with activities. While you may be trying to be one up on the Joneses (or the Raos and Chopras), and your child too seems to be succeeding in the activities, it may not actually be doing her much good! So goofing off for the afternoon, letting her pick her favourite hat, or even window shopping at the Max Fashion store (where this season she may wish to check out what’s happening at the Max Kids Festival) may be actually doing her a world of good. The idea is to provide her the opportunities of fun and leisure and then let her lead.



A study by the University of Colorado Boulder, US, published recently in the online journal, "Frontiers in Psychology", underlines the importance of free time for kids. Says psychology and neuroscience Prof Yuko Munakata: “...the more time kids spend in less structured activities, the better their abilities to set goals for themselves and figure out how to reach them.” He also found that kids who do a lot of structured activities such as music lessons and cricket practice had poorer executive functioning skills, meaning they were less able to set goals and follow through with them.



This summer, ensure the kids are safe, dress them in summer appropriate, well hydrated attire, and let them be with their friends. Do not supervise their play. Avoid the classic blunder of getting children toys and then setting strict rules of how to play with them! Defeats the purpose. It’s quite fine if he best enjoys painstakingly dismantling the toy rather than playing with it as ‘he is supposed to’!

After all, every kid is a superstar – make sure you treat your’s as one!