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The perfect meeting point of tradition and modernity… try Indigo!

Gypsy-inspired ensembles and elegant flowing dresses now happily sport the time-tested hues of indigo. Tracing its origins to India, this dye has been applauded by the British and proudly flaunted on ensembles and even the  British queen’s bed linen! Max Fashion promises to create an all-new 'you', upping your elegance and gracefulness this spring with its range of skirts, capes, dresses, kurtas and more in indigo and supporting hues. Go ahead, enjoy mood indigo!


Distinctively elegant and graceful, it stands a class apart and has unerringly won hearts down the decades. This natural blue colourant is traditionally extracted from the indigo plant, through a difficult process; the dyeing of a garment with this beautiful shade also requires skill and patience. This striking hue is now possible to achieve in the factory, giving way to infinite fashion possibilities.



Now the touch of indigo has gone beyond sarees and the traditional kurta, spreading its powerful charm to newer trends. This versatile shade adorns unique gipsy-inspired fashion – long skirts that are replacing the traditional salwar, divided skirts that look exceptional with tops and t-shirts, and flowy silhouettes with a modish edge. The added advantage is the colour pairs to even better effect with shades of yellow, green and even dashes of flaming orange. Much of the collection uses eye-catching block prints – classic and abstract. And then there are the kitschy solid-coloured dresses and layered kurtas that work for both work and play. While indigo speaks its own language, these styles embody a unique approach. So go ahead, flaunt your attitude! 



As for the accessories, you can’t go wrong with a classic favourite – paired with silver jewellery, your indigo ensemble acquires an ethereal beauty that few fashion master-combos can match. True blue and truly unsurpassed! Don’t hesitate to try newer pairings in multiple shades for a pleasing contrast.