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The perfect guide to staying in love, with style

Ever wondered what makes you and your Valentine tick? Take our quick Q n A that promises to reveal some less-known secrets, including your tastes in clothes, and what that says about your compatibility. You also get to discover some simple ways to make all your differences work in your favour! And once you’re done with quizzing, go ahead and indulge in some therapeutic shopping. Be it styles that take you into fantasyland, couple tees that make a statement, or the perfect nightwear, you can buy them all for each other. So couple up and splurge this V-Week!



Forget the daisy whose petals you broke off one by one to know whether ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. Take this super-fun quiz on Valentine’s Day to figure out whether he is THE one. Grab your partner and a pen and start answering. If your answers match – well, you are a match made in heaven. If you are in the middle – fret not, being different is what brought you together. But if none of your answers match – maybe you are like the North Pole and South Pole – with a whole world separating you, but still together in the end.




2. To celebrate a special occasion – big party or romantic dinner for two?

3. You want to share a pic – the real deal or never without a filter?

4. When it comes to gifting, what matters more – the price tag or the thought behind it?

5. Ideal nightwear for her – comfortable tees or sexy negligee?

6. Ideal nightwear for him – skimpy boxers or kurta-pyjama?



Now that you have figured out your compatibility quotient, time for rewarding each other. Head out to your nearest Max store or, in case you want to snuggle close, stay indoors and log on to and indulge each other. If you are not one for words, say it with one of Max’s slogan tees. We have one for all occasions and sentiments. Thinking of a holiday together? Shop our latest nautical styles to put you in the mood. There are sailor stripes and fantasy prints, sure to inspire envy.