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Out-of-the-box ideas for Mother's Day

Global research recently threw up an interesting finding about what mother's would like on Mother's Day. The majority wanted me-time! Freedom from the usual chores on the day. Taking a cue from these findings, Max Fashion brings you a bouquet of ideas which go beyond the chocolates and flowers. And should you choose to take flowers for your mom, pause a while, buy her favourite blooms and in colours she loves; and gift her the flowers arranged in a vase. Make her a card thanking her for the greatest gift she has given you: the gift of life.


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Don’t just rush her chocolates and flowers. Give her those, of course. But add a card with a from-the-heart message - something you may have never said to her, something that makes her extra special to you. Then, think hard about her gift. What would she like? Me-time, free from her chores for the day? Or, several small gifts, bought with her taste in mind? Or, would she just prefer you spend time with her?

Even if you have to travel out for the weekend to be with her - do so. And carry an unexpected gift. A fun idea would be to put together 5-7 looks for each day of the week – her summer wardrobe, so to speak. (She’ll never do it for herself.) Just check out the options at Max Fashion. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Yet you’re sure to find what your mom would like.





Celebrate yourself! It’s no easy task being a mother. From carrying the baby for nine months and giving birth, to the endless sleepless nights, the tantrums, the fussy-eating, the arguments about clothes, homework... whew! Little wonder latest research says a majority of moms worldwide (who took a survey) said the gift they want most on Mother’s Day is an hour of me-time!


Here’s what you may do for yourself this Mother’s Day. Ask Daddy to take over for the day – it’s a Sunday, his day off work. And give yourself the day off from mothering to do what you like best! Shop till you drop (Max Fashion is a good bet since you’ll get trending ensembles to suit your every mood without denting your purse); just lie in with a book; watch your favourite sitcoms back-to-back; get a spa massage; take a break from your diet; go off for the day with you BFFs (get inspired by the ladies you see below)...


Go ahead, make this Mothers Day super special!