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Offbeat Chic with Riya Jain

Riya Jain, the founder of super popular fashion blog Caught in a Cuff, never fails to surprise and impress her fans with a fresh look every time. A constant on Max Fashion’s list of best-dressed fashionistas, Riya hearts every item in the brand’s new collection. “I wanted to throw everything in my shopping bag,” she says of Collection Z. Her final pick made it to her latest look, an uber-cool look in bold shades of black and olive. With grunge-inspired prints, edgy detailing and a versatile jacket with the slogan ‘femme power’, this trendsetting outfit is a striking choice for the fashion-forward.

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We all have moments where we see a bold dress, but don’t know how to match it to our sartorial style. I tend to fall in love with the sassy and fashionable outfits that I see in stores or online, especially if the collection is one that brings out the best of my style.


Which is why when I came across the newest collection from Max Fashion, my first thought was to add all of it to my cart! Every single new item from Collection Z is a must-have, much more than what you would expect. A brilliant take on new-age style, the range which is available in both stores and online, is an effortless blend of glam and casual styles. If I had to go into details, this post would go on forever so here are some deets on my bold and fashionable look instead!



I’m wearing Max Fashion’s olive shorts and black top. The tie-up neckline is very trendy and smart, and I am enthralled to finally have a good one in my wardrobe! I paired it with a mesh jacket whose bold ‘femme power’ slogan is fearless and out there, and certainly made me go HELL YEAH!


The best part? You can play around with the jacket- wear as you find most chic or comfortable, in sync with your fresh, trendsetting style. After all, it’s your look!