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Making a mark with her exquisite designs and distinct approach to fashion, Nishka Lulla is one of a kind. The young designer is the creative force behind two prêt labels, and constantly evolving within her own design sensibilities. It may not have been easy to walk the path of a successful parent (her mother designer Neeta Lulla is a formidable name to reckon with), but Nishka found her own ground, veering away from her mother's legacy to become a designer in her own right. The talented designer talks about fashion, her journey and what it takes to make it big.


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Despite being the daughter of Neeta Lulla, one of the biggest names in Indian fashion, Nishka admits it took her some time to understand why she needed to carve out an identity outside the overwhelming shadow of her prolific mother.


“When I started, I don’t think I really knew myself,” she admits sheepishly. “I guess I was just doing what everyone expected me to do as Neeta Lulla’s daughter, but it wasn’t making me happy. I’m not her!”



Mom & I

“Mom’s design sensibilities are classic, timeless. I’m more temperamental and moody with fashion and style. It changes constantly. When I’m grumpy, I wear dark, grungy colours. When I’m happy, I wear bright happy colours and dress up to the nines. It’s like I’m putting on a new fashion show each day of my life.”  Carving out a personal identity has been an important part of Nishka’s journey.


On Her Own Journey

Her formal entry into the industry started with an award she won while being pitted against many leading designers. In 2009, she won the Creative Excellence Award for the Barbie – All Doll’d Up Show at the Lakme Fashion Week, to commemorate Barbie’s 50th birthday.


In the last eight years as a designer, her love for innovation and reinvention has led to the launch of two pret labels NishkaLulla (Western) and Nisshk (Indian).



While each line has its own distinct appeal, they remain true to the underlying principle of Nishka’s design philosophy—everything needs to feel natural and customisable to suit the wearer’s personality. It’s a principle she intends to apply to her new kidswear line too!


Advice For Aspiring Designers

And that’s the only piece of advice she has for design and style aspirants, “Get training. Working under a designer really helps. But don’t blindly follow trends—they are only meant to inspire, not be committed to like unbreakable rules. Know who you want to design for and give it your all.”