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The Nerdy Fashion Upgrade

Beauty and brains really do go well together. We are not just talking about the quintessential nerdy style that's been trending for a while now with the glasses and plaid skirts and shirts. What we are talking about goes beyond the boxed version of the bookish look. It explores the boundaries of fashion by not restricting the 'nerd' to certain stereotypical fashion trends and allowing these individuals to not just score high marks in school but also ace the fashion game by exploring varying styles of their choice. It's out with the old nerdy looks and in with the new upgraded styles.


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If you think we are going to school you about the glasses, blazer and plaid skirt fashion prototype of nerdy fashion then you are mistaken. We are here to tell you to choose whichever look you feel describes you the best and you’re the most comfortable in. It can be the tomboy, the girly girl, the prankster, the rebel or the diva, pick the look of your choice, be you and free the nerd! If you need a little inspiration, have a look at our outfit ideas.





The boys can keep it cool and casual with simple tees, printed shirts and hoodies paired with trousers, denims and sneaks. They can also add in a cap for that extra something. You can also throw in a casual shirt over a tee for a stylish appeal.


For the ladies, you can take the ethnic route with kurtas and tunics coupled with jeans and colourfuljeggings or leggings. You can also try the chic and sophisticated look with fitted trousers, a blazer and a bowtie blouse. Girls can also opt for the rebellious look with statement tees and distressed denims.



For a more girly look, a pretty summer dress with dangly earrings and sandals will do the trick. And for a sporty look with a touch of style, simple joggers or leggings paired with a chic tee or a stylish jacket will work wonders.


We have given you the starting point to pick and choose what you like, but don’t just restrict yourself to these styles. Mix and match to find your signature style and let the nerd within have some fun with fashion.