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Let Your Little Star Twinkle


The best thing about being a little girl is the big joy you can get from small things – especially when the small things are sparkly! Go for shimmer, go for shine! Bedazzle your precious little princess this spring with a wardrobe makeover from Max that will make her smile sparkle brighter than all the diamonds in the world.



Indulge your little one’s fantasy – be it pink, be it sparkly, be it unicorns or be it rainbows. After all, she will not be a little girl all her life. So before real life intrudes into her world, let her live out her dreams.


This phase when she wants sequins on everything from clothes to shoes to hair accessories to stationary is the best time to let her loose in the nearest Max store. This spring, we have a range of outfits in sequins, glitter and metallics that will truly bedazzle her.


Get her a tee with a pink and white unicorn sparkling against a dark blue background. Pair it with a flouncy skirt to get her party ready. But do not limit the look to a fantasy magic world outing; the same t-shirt with a pair of knit shorts will allow her inner diva the freedom to explore all that she can be. This tee also comes in a trendy cold shoulder version.



Remember how much fun it used to be to catch a bright red polka-dotted lady bug in the palm of your hand and wait for it to fly off to signal a pass grade or dread its falling off as it predicted you're going to fail? Irrespective of its ability to look into the future, a lady bug is certainly a fascinating motif for the fashion forward little princess. Get her a stripy t-shirt with a glittering lady bug from Max paired with a ruffled tulle netting skirt. Add a tiara and a magic wand, and it’s off to fantasy land for her. 


Statement tees for the mini drama queens that say ‘No More Drama’ are exactly what she needs to underline her inner theatrics! The glittering demand ‘Take Me To Paris’ echoes her wish to visit each of the enthralling cities of the world. As doting parents, you'll be aiming to fulfill those desires sooner or later. But before that, give wings to her dreams with these sparkling, glittering, bedazzled offerings from Max this spring.