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Gifts of Love…with Max Fashion

 Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? The most romantic day of the year is almost here, and it’s time to show your special someone a whole lotta love. Everyone adores a great present, and choosing the perfect gift for your bae can be extra daunting. But fret not! This February, Max Fashion makes it easy. Choose your favourites from a wide collection of fuss-free, stylish clothes and accessories and wrap it up to make for a chic and romantic present. Whether your better half likes to make a statement or keep it minimal, there’s a perfect present to woo everyone. Happy V-Day!


Gifts of Love for her & him-

Love Corner -





YWe Heart It! Like red roses, heart motifs are symbolic of everlasting love and a go-to gift for V-Day. Ditch heart-shaped balloons and plushies and take your pick of cute heart-print fashion instead. A minimal tee with all-over heart prints is our sartorial secret to wooing our sweetheart in an instant.


YRed Alert. A chic red ensemble is just what the love doctor prescribed this time of year. This bright hue is one of the trendiest colours of the season and makes for an irresistible date-ready outfit. Take your pick of dresses, tees and separates in this lust-worthy colour.




YUtility Chic. The best gifts are practical and useful. Choose from an array of flowing dresses, no-fuss printed tees, denim and chinos to gift this year. Romantic as these designs are, they can also be worn throughout the year, making every day extra special.


YTwinning Chic. There’s something about a well-dressed couple that always gets our hearts racing. Celebrate this special day with coordinated outfits, be it matching graphic tees or colours, and show the world that you are indeed a match made in heaven.


YSelf Love. Being solo is no reason to skip Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s the perfect day to show yourself some love. Celebrate the day with a shopping spree and upgrade your closet with the season’s most trending designs. Why should couples have all the fun?