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Get on to fleek street, be the trendy traveller!

Trendy is not just about being stylish but also smart. So pack right, pack light and make sure you get in the right angles for the perfect Instagram feed. The spring collection from Max Fashion, aptly titled Travelogue, and inspired by all things maritime, is perfect to carry to the seaside vacation or celebrate the mood just where you are! Mix, match and make the most of the expansive range which has ensembles to suit all style inclinations. From sailor stripes to a medley of blues and whites worked to dungarees, minis, dresses and more... take your pick, let in the spring. 


Ever wondered how bloggers maintain eye-catching Instagram feeds? Nothing is out of place, the pictures complement each other, and the outfits are to die for. Nailing the perfect Instagram feed is fun, and in the process you score points on the trendy traveller scale. So what’s there not to like! Here are a few ways to style your feed like your favourite blogger, and make you the show-stopper on vacay!


  • Pack to your destination. Opting for the right kind of clothes goes a long way in ensuring you ace the trend scale and get beautiful Instagram feeds.
  • For spring destinations, especially for those by the sea, Max Fashion has a bevy of breezy and light and super trendy lines on offer. Ranging from skirts, shorts, shirt dresses,T-shirts, dungarees for women to casual shirts, shorts, T-shirts, and casual pants for men – it's all happening at Max this spring.
  • The line isn’t just what aesthetic dreams are made of, it is pocket-friendly as well. So, go on bag lots!

  • Think through pairing your outfits to enable you to create different looks - that way you don’t lug heavy bags. Nothing extra to pay even when you’re flying back with loads of shopping.
  • Ensure your outfits are on point. Pairing your outfits well also makes a huge difference to the kind of followers and likes you encourage on your Instagram page. Pick bright, “happy” colours that complement your holiday. Max Fashion has a spring line that is just right to set the “trendy traveller” mood on your Insta page.
  • Make a check list - a trendy traveller is also the practical traveller. Does your resort have adequate toiletries (toilet bag check), are you going to hit the gym (keds check), do you want to carry your own drinks (your choice of drink, check).