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End of Season Sale: Retail Therapy Just Got Better!

The sale season is finally upon us, and what better time than now to indulge in some shopping therapy! You may be undecided on the hows and whens of buying, which is why we bring to you the ultimate shopping guide for the end-of-sale season. Whether you are shopping at a Max Fashion store near you or browsing online, these cool commandments are bound to help you navigate. So go on and pick the best from a varied range of clothing and accessories at Max Fashion, and walk out with a spring in your step! 



You know the season’s about to turn when the four magical words - END OF SEASON SALE -  is on air. Though all of us are well-versed in the bi-annual pilgrimage (read shopping spree), there are still some underrated insights that could help you avoid the chaos, navigate clever and land the best items of the lot. Before you head out to the store to get your uber-cool picks, read on to discover tricks that will have you coming out with bursting bags (and only slightly empty pockets) & without frazzled nerves… You are welcome!


Say Yes To Weekdays

While you may have all the time in the world on a weekend, shopping on a weekday MORNING will save you from the chaotic crowds. Head out early, and be at the store as soon as the doors open, giving you plenty of time to contemplate your choices in a leisurely fashion and take the correct decisions.



A List Is Handy

Make a mental list (or maybe one on your phone) of the things that you really, really need. Practical and time-saving, it is bound to help you remember the outfits that are on your priority list, lest you forget. AFTER you have bagged those, then let your whimsy take over.


Smart Buying Is Key

We all have that one piece of clothing that is your go-to - it pairs well with most everything in your wardrobe. A dress, a pair of trousers that teams up with most of your Tees or the jumpsuit which lends itself to all occasions with just few style tweaks. Keep a sharp eye out for such separates that add flexibility and ‘expand’ your closet.



Try It Out

You may be excited about the best of buying, but there is no reason for you to not try out your preferences. Head to the trial rooms to see what fits and what doesn’t; if shopping online, make sure you check out the size guide for a safe buy.


In-Store and Online

Want to get going but no time to step out to the store? Fortunately, you can now shop in no time from the confines of your home, thanks to the Max Fashion sale that is available in-store as well as online. Go on, add it all to your cart now.  (And it’s worth burning the mid-night oil for – so enjoy the picking!)


Trends or Classics

The question of whether to go for current trending separates or choose timeless classics is one to think over. The key is to think of what suits YOU best, picking from coveted categories comprising ethnic attires, work wear ensembles, casual clothing, and more.


And two more…

Take time out – it’s worth it! And even if you are dashing to the store, don’t forget to try on what you buy.


Finally... Enjoy the Therapy!