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Discover the best denim fit for you!

When your denims fit right, life is sorted. But the challenge lies in selecting the right pair. Take this very special quiz for some insights into what you should consider before investing in your denim wardrobe. Once you answer all the questions, you’ll get a fair idea of what to look out for. Besides, we also have some useful tips to help you choose your denim according to your body type. We at MAX offer 100+ styles in denim – there’s sure to be one that’s made for you! Read on to know more.



1. Your body type?

a. Tall & Thin    b. Tall & Curvy    c. Short & Thin    d. Short & Curvy


2. Your denim grouse?

a. My denims cut mid-tummy, making me look big in the middle

b. They fit at the hips and thighs, but not at the waist

c. Mine make my bottoms look flat

d. My denims make me look bigger


3. What about the feel?

a. The material is too harsh

b. Feels very tight

c. It’s just right!


4. Does the ankle shape and size of your denims bother you?

a. I wear a cropped pair and my ankles make me look shorter

b. The relaxed fit is comfy but makes me look bigger

c. I am tall and my jeans make me look even taller


5. Your body contour….

a. I am on the plump side, and could do less around the middle

b. I think my body shape is described best as being somewhat 'rectangular', with my shoulders, middle and hips similarly placed

c. I am an hourglass, with a large bust and bottom

d. I am a triangle, with my bottom larger than my torso

e. I am an inverted triangle, with my shoulders larger than my bottom



if you're Tall

Opt for wide-legged or flared jeans. Choose cropped lengths when wearing skinny or slim fits. If nothing works, fold your hem twice for the sexy, yet casual, look.


if you're Curvy

Whether tall or petite, opt for high-rise denims that will make your middle appear flat; avoid a mid-cut. Instead of a skinny fit, go in for slim fits. A nice option could be Max’s Shaping Skinny Jeans.




if you're Short

Avoid wide fits, flared or cropped bottoms. Stick to tapering ankles and pick high waists that will make you look taller. Secret tip? Wear denims or denim joggers with a trendy side tape.


if you're Thin

Show off your waistline with low rise relaxed fits or boyfriend fits. Pair with crop tops. Or try crop skinny fits to accentuate hips and make your legs appear stylish and longer. Try lighter shades of blue and grey. You’d love Max’s Low-rise Skinny Jeans and Crop Wide Leg Denim!


if you're Plus size

Opt for darker shades and relaxed fits with high waists. The high rise 'tucks in' middles and 'shapes' hips, while the relaxed fit makes you look slimmer and legs longer.