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Date Dress Codes with Max Fashion

Valentine’s Day may be an annual occasion, but you can plan a date for every single day of the year. Wouldn’t your special someone love that? Keep the romance in your relationship alive, with special outings and sweet nothings. While you are setting the stage for a really special date, let us do the thinking for your date dressing. From chic dress and prim shirt-and-trouser combos to casual chinos and tees, Max Fashion has got your back with a wide range of outfits for every kind of date. Get ready to woo BAE with your style!  

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A date is a significant occasion. You may be on your first outing with someone or planning something special for your BAE, a date offers a special thrill. You want to make a mark on your date and dressing well is half the battle won. But date dressing isn’t so simple, is it? Come D-day, choosing the right outfit can be a serious catch-22 situation. With Max Fashion though, the right outfit is just a shelf away.


A hint of romance: Planning a special night with candlelit dinners and music in the background? A ruffled floral-print dress in your favourite hue will add to your confidence. For men, we recommend the classic shirt-and-trousers combo, with one twist – a bowtie. Little details show your date that you’ve made an effort.



Daytime drama: Day dates have a more casual vibe and call for a livelier #ootd. Take the Bohemian route to dressing up with a printed maxi dress and coordinated jacket and accessories. A modern essentials look works best for men – coordinated tee and chinos paired with a neutral jacket.


Out and about: Heading to the movies out on the road? Update your date look with a comfortable chic choice of outfit. A printed co-ord set or separates paired with a printed T-shirt makes for a no-fuss look. Take the twinning look by getting your better half to wear a coordinated ensemble.