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Comfy and chic, joggers are here to stay!

It had to be said! Joggers are the new jeans in the world of casual fashion. Stylish, comfortable and versatile - they can go to work with you and transition effortlessly into club wear. Joggers have truly evolved from exercise or gym wear into the world of fashion with the advent of newer materials and styles that speak the language of the millennials. 


And when it comes to comfort, they tick all the boxes. What can be cosier than a pair of joggers when you’re doing your favourite yoga mudra? Also, for all the sneaker heads of the world - the snug cuffs offer the perfect stage from which to present their designer sneakers.



The best way to carry your joggers through the day is to pair them with a classy tee. Choose a t-shirt that says what you are thinking or pick a graphic print theme-based tee. Denim joggers are the perfect marriage of a classic look and a trendy statement.

Joggers are also the ideal way to show off your trendy footwear. Go for casual loafers or colour-coordinated canvas sneakers for the sporty, yet stylish look. Highlight your joggers with the colour-blocked t-shirts.


Joggers are extremely versatile. You can create a fashion trend with monochrome. Go black and white and make heads turn with matching scarves or sporty caps. Do white on top with black joggers and complete the look with white shoes. Or go bold with two-toned joggers styled in black and white. The beauty of joggers is the variety or materials they are made in – from knits to jersey, the range is huge and spells comfort at every stage.