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Choose Her Colour...Honour the Goddess

Energy, power, vitality, strength... all things positive, that's what the fiery Goddess Durga stands for. Draped in dazzling red, symbolic of all she stands for, she vanquishes Evil, restoring the reign of good among mankind... This season of the Goddess, revere her from the heart, imbibe her fearless attitude and wear her colour. Dip into the dazzling range of ensembles in latest the Max Fashion range of outfits and give your wardrobe the festive upgrade. Give the ensembles your special touch with a ruby pendant, a hibiscus, red shoes or a pure red bag.


It’s that time of year again when it is believed the Goddess Durga descends from her abode in the Himalayas to bless her devotees with her presence. In her deep red attire and large bindi, she is at once the epitome of grace and dignity as she is of fiery determination and strength. In demolishing Mahisasura, the demon, she vanquishes Evil... In Indian tradition, the colour red symbolises bravery and dynamism – the definition of ‘shakti’. This pujo, follow in the steps of the Goddess, and celebrate the colour red in your choice of ensemble.


Delightfully, globally speaking, the Pantone shades for Fall-Winter 2018 talk of a palette that is full of shades, deep and rich, evocative of luxurious plumage; and one of the top 10 shades in this palette is ‘valiant poppy’, effusive and alluring. So go ahead, pick shades of red, celebrate the spirit of Durga, let her energy charge you.


 No, it doesn’t have to be a top-to-toe red ensemble. Check this delightful white and red printed ensemble, highlighted with subtle nuances of gold - a contemporary take on the ghagra choli (above middle). Or just opt for that rich red dupatta and pair it with whatever takes your fancy (above right). And it’s not just about being ethnic, go the fusion route and pick a calf length kurta-dress with embroidery and wear it with chunky silver jewellery and a chic hair-do (above left). At Max Fashion, you can mix ‘n’ match as you like, picking from the array in the latest range of festive ensembles.