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Celebrating India with Max Fashion

Indian handlooms are famed all over the world for their intricate craftsmanship and visual appeal. Every region of India boasts its own crafts and handlooms, and many popular textiles today are derived from the long-standing weaving and cloth-making traditions of the country’s nomadic and tribal communities. Age-old these handicrafts they might be, but their appeal is timeless. Max Fashion gives India’s tribal designs a truly stylish contemporary twist with a line of new designs, in time for Republic Day when the country celebrates its diversity and cultural heritage. This season, don’t just celebrate your love for India – flaunt it with panache!


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India is a treasure trove of beautiful arts and crafts. Every state and community boasts its own unique traditions, be in visual arts, music and dance or handlooms. From zardosi and embroidery to natural dyeing and handwoven fabrics, our wide array of intricate textiles are loved and coveted across the world. India’s tribal and nomadic communities spread across the length and breadth of India, inspire generations of artists and designs with their age-old motifs, patterns and craftsmanship.


This Republic Day, Max Fashion celebrates the rich cultural heritage of India with designs inspired by the diverse tribal traditions of the country.  Spotlighting indigenous prints and embroideries from these communities, this collection is a fashion-forward tribute to the diversity of India.



Modern Spin

The crafts and motifs of tribal communities are timeless. Age-old embroidery techniques and embellishments get their on-trend makeover in statement-sleeved dresses, chic crop tops and roomy bottoms.


Bohemian Appeal

Tribal-inspired fashion lends itself effortlessly to Bohemian flair, perfect for travelling or making a gypsy chic statement on weekends. Turn to Max Fashion’s draped dresses and wrap pants in siren red hues for inspiration.


Less is More

Give big prints and bold colours a break. Let delicate embroidery and minimal embellishments on basic hues take centre-stage this season. These intricate details speak for your style sensibilities with élan!


Haute extras

A statement accessory can liven up the most mundane of ensembles in an instant. Try a tribal-inspired tasselled stole from Max Fashion with regular outfits (the patterns works with everything!) and watch your #ootd light up!