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Celebrate The International T-Shirt Day with Max Fashion

From street style enthusiasts to seasoned fashion experts, the t-shirt has been popular in fashion circles from time immemorial. Wear it casually or give it your own update; speak your mind through it or go the balanced route with a colour tee - the choices are many. As we gear up to celebrate the International T-Shirt Day on June 21st, we take you on a run through on why the versatile attire needs to be celebrated, the various options you could make a selection from, and how it could be worn round the clock.


What is it that you wear more often than anything else? While choices may differ from person to person, most of us are bound to pick a tee before anything else, wearing it while clocking the hours at work or spending a day out in the sun. Unlike most of the other attires (read coats and jackets) a tee can be worn regardless of weather changes. Too cold? Pair it with a smart overcoat. Too hot? Wear it solo with denims and you are good to go. With the ubiquitous garment playing such a major part in our wardrobes, it is only fair for the iconic attire to have its own day of celebration.


Worry not, for June 21st is regarded as International T-Shirt Day since 2008, a day for you to celebrate the indispensable outfit. The initiative to celebrate the wardrobe staple, taken by German brand Spreadshirt, is now 11 years old!


If you are one whose alliances lie with the favoured outfit, you could find your fashion inspiration in a solid colour tee, one adorning fancy prints, quirky graphics, perennial stripes and striking sequins, amongst others at Max Fashion. Go hassle-free as you wear your t-shirt solo or pair it with a smart overshirt to update the look. For a semi-formal appearance, pair it with a blazer and if heading out for a casual meeting, don your favorite polo tee to ace your look! So what it is going to be this International T-Shirt Day?