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Blaze Your Own Fashion Trail... Go Beyond Trends

Your Signature Style - the way to go today - is not about blindly following what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion industry or on ramps nationally and internationally. It must come from mixing and matching different styles and accessories to create your very own fashion statement - and that's what makes you look hotter, feel more confident and most importantly - cut the clutter. You may take some help from your favourite brand to work out what works for you. But, go ahead, mix, match, innovate and let your imagination loose - blue-skying is the way to go, this time!

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From graphic t-shirts and athletic leisure to pastel colours and floral prints, every season brings forth new trends that begin on the runway and trickle down to what you have in your wardrobe. Instead of trying to keep up with the never-ending changes in fashion trends and buying something that will disappear into the dark abyss of your closet, make your own fashion statement by changing your style from being strategized to being intuitive.


There is no need of carefully crafting each of your looks to match what you have to what you have seen worn by celebrities or seen in fashion magazines but it is a good place to get new ideas to keep your look fresh and stylish by adding a touch of your personal taste to it. So go on, delve within and You Be You! Only you know whether you prefer bright colours or dark hues, denim or cottons, oriental prints or plaid, turtlenecks or plunging necklines.


So when you’re out shopping this season, leave behind the “must-haves” and the “what-to-buy” lists and find clothes that will bring you joy and appeal to your aesthetic sense. Listen to your instincts and choose your comfort to create your own fashion identity.


Instead of spending your time and money chasing new trends, buy all the clothes and accessories you’ve been wanting and match them to suit your body and personality – not necessarily to trend.


Dress to feel comfortable and you will feel happier and more confident, so start pushing your boundaries and get your creative juices flowing to wear what you like. Check out some cool ideas to get your started on your journey of discovering yourself...