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The Vermillion Touch

Red is to Durga Puja what white is to a Christian wedding... The momentous occasion where Goddess Durga is said to have come down to earth to slay the demon Mahishasura, is epitomised by the brilliant hue, reflected in the bindi on the divinity, her attire and the red blood of the demon – signifying the triumph of good over evil. Women smear each other with sindoor, and red gulal fills the festive air. The colour is echoed in tikas, in saree borders, even in the brightly decorated shamianas hosting the Goddess and her children.

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A couple of days ago we just celebrated the 70th year of Indian independence and with our Independence Day celebration, I saw a lot of people tweet about what Independence and Freedom means to them. Some of the tweets/posts were really good and that set me thinking about what does our Freedom really mean to me? There is nothing that restricts our thinking, our attitude anymore and we have all been brought up as free thinkers in an independent nation. And I thought, the way I like to cherish our independence would be doing what I love - Expressing myself in Fearless Fashion and exactly in the way I wanted to. 

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Audacity - The watchword for Autumn Winter season

Well after the major ramp shows are over, it’s time to incorporate BEST Autumn Winter trends in our wardrobe. To make it easy, just remember..... Audacity is the watchword for Autumn Winter season. It is all about the loud trends for fall 2016 with contrasting prints. And you need to be bold to carry off the deluge of mauve and pink, furs, couture red, fur and glitter from head to toe that ruled the runways in the fashion capitals. The winter will be a welcome shot of colour on oversized streetwear and the puffy volume that is gaining fashion ground.

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The Comfy Boho Look

Season to season, we see fashion face some radical changes, but the east and west mixture is inescapable, resulting always in a beautiful and artistic ethnic Indian masterpiece. 

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Monotonic Melody

Good colour combinations say a lot about your sense of fashion sense. However, the latest monotone styles in its solid hues are making striking statements too. If you have ever felt that a single-coloured look is too basic and boring, take a peep into these fashion edits and get ready for some surprises.

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How To Look Slimmer In A Skirt

Picking a skirt with the right cut and fit guarantees a host of flattering silhouettes that boost your curves and­­ poise. Pull together a slimmer look effortlessly with our quick styling tips.

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